Engineering Home
For Electrical Industries

Engineering Home for Electrical Industries is an Egyptian company providing cable
management products to the construction industry. The Company has a
well-deserved reputation for providing excellent quality products and high levels of
technical and customer support.

The company was established in 1995 and has grown to be a major contributor in
the plastic conduits market and known for performance and dedication to client
service. Our reputation of excellence is built on a solid foundation of resources,
capabilities and skills.

Engineering Home was founded by Engineer Shawky Mohamed Saad (the General
Latest update at :
15/03/2016 14:54:41
Latest update at :
15/03/2016 14:54:41

We proudly announce the Opening of our new Factory in Sadat City. This move
became necessary due to the growing number of new products, such as our Large
Size PVC Conduits and its Fittings.